Monday, April 26, 2010

Wheeler Farm

We went on an outing to Wheeler Farm last week. Zeke was in Heaven!! He ran from one animal to the next. I could barely keep up with him. I wish I had a picture of him feeding the ducks because that was a highlight. Unfortunately, my hands were too busy passing out bread to pull the camera out. After that he chased every duck he saw and tried to chase off a few geese. Luckily the geese didn't bite his face off because they certainly tried. (scary!!) Here area few pictures of the day.

Around the House

Despite the fact that I've completely neglected my blog for the past month, we have been having fun around here. Zeke is turning into quite a little boy. This is the face he made when we asked him to make a funny face. (Notice the awesome octopus shirt... yeah Toby is totally jealous)

He also is OBSESSED with books. He loves to be read to or just sit and look at the pictures. He won't take a nap unless he gets to take a book with him to bed.

Porter is getting big too. He is happiest when he's out and about doing things or when his big brother is giving him attention (without grabbing his face).

We have especially enjoyed the weather starting to warm up a bit. My boys would live outside if I let them. Zeke loves to go outside and then run over to Blake's window to see if he will come out to.