Monday, March 25, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Tyson had a birthday the other day, so he and Jess came over to celebrate. We made them dinner and had ice cream cake. We also went and had fun taking turns on Toby's new longboard at the park. Toby is a natural by the way. The only picture I got of the birthday boy was horrible so here are some cute pictures of the kids eating cake.

 Then it was St. Patrick's Day. Usually I make some green pancakes and pretend a leprechaun dyed the milk green and call it good. Grandma Lander, however, ruined that one. Last year she was visiting Kristel's family and a sneaky leprechaun colored their hair green and painted everyone's toenail's green while they were sleeping. Grandma then called Zeke and told him all about it.
 Zeke never forgets anything, so he has been asking all week what the leprechauns were going to do this year. Toby and I decided to run a few streamers through the house and put a "pot" of gold at the end of one of the colors of the "rainbow."

Snowmobiling and a visit to Idaho

My mom caught a ride with a friend to Utah to do some wedding shopping with Kendra, so she needed a ride home again. I was happy to oblige and spend some time with my parents. It also happened to be the same time that a manufacturer took some guys from Toby's work snowmobiling for a few days in Wyoming.
 Toby spent many hours snowmobiling and was exhausted by the time he was done. He loved every minute of it, though and would go again in a second.

We spent time playing with Nana and Popi and finishing some projects. I finally finished Zeke's quilt that I had been working on FOREVER! I will have to take a picture of it because it rocks. It's a pretty big quilt and he wanted it on his bed right away so I will have to get in there and get a picture.

Soldier Hollow

For Christmas, we got a few groupon passes to Soldier Hollow to go sledding.  We have been trying to go for a while, but our health has kept us home more than we have liked. Toby decided to leave work early one day and we headed over for an evening of sledding.

 This was how Porter rode for the first half. He didn't look very comfortable being folded in half in his tube, but he assured me he was having fun.

 We were a little nervous that Porter wouldn't do well riding up the lift by himself, but he did just fine.  Zeke told me that was one of his favorite parts.

 Zeke went down by himself a few times, but then decided that it was more fun to go down at the same time as Toby and Porter. Toby held on to both of their ropes and they all went down together.
Porter finally put his feet inside the tube so he could see a little bit more of what was going on.