Friday, May 24, 2013

Families are Forever

Grandma's funeral was an amazing event. It was fun to see everyone gathering together to celebrate her life. I was lucky enough to spend time with my mom and her siblings as they went through my Grandma's room and share all their memories. Friday night we decided to celebrate her 95th birthday. We rented a couple bounce houses and had a huge barbeque at my parent's house. I think we estimated that there were about 170 people there.
  A picture of everyone at the barbeque. Only a few of my cousins were missing.

 The Limb family all together.
(A picture of my pregnant self. I guess I should throw one in every now and then.)
We didn't have very much free time on Saturday so in the extra hour we had, we planted up a pot for my mom for Mother's Day.

Jenica is HOME!!!!

We had a pretty busy week a couple weeks ago. My Grandma passed away on Sunday and then Jenica got home from her mission Monday night. What a tender mercy to have her be there for all of the family events of the week. We were all able to come home and be together even if we weren't all there right when she got off the plane.

 This was when she was released as a missionary. I am so proud of her and her choice to serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic. I know she will always be grateful for the time she spent there. We are so happy to have her back!!!!

Way back to Easter

My sisters love tradition and can't stand not to get together to dye Easter Eggs. I love it, of course. I am so glad that I have had this time to spend with them to do these fun things.

 And then some scary pictures of our kids first thing in the morning. Definitely not photogenic at the moment.

Snow Boots

As promised... a picture of Porter in his snow boots. Plus, he threw in his batman pajamas because he refused to take them off when he got dressed. Sometimes he has the best fashion statements. 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Porter is funny

Porter has his own way of doing things that are completely endearing. I just wanted to document a few of them. Whenever I give Porter the "thumbs up" sign, he always does this back.

 And here we have the double thumbs up. Haha.
Another good one is how proud he is of the fact that he can give one armed hugs. He always says, "look, I can hug daddy with one arm". Who knew he was so gifted.

I can't believe I don't have a picture of this yet, but I will be sure to get one soon. Porter wears snow boots everywhere. He is practically Napolean Dynamite. I offer to help him put on his real shoes, but he just tells me he is wearing his boots. I think he likes how easy they are to put on, but he also likes to remind me that his friend Sammy gave him those boots before he moved to Wisconsin (you should hear him say Wisconsin... sooo cute!).

It's gone...

I'm sure you've seen this cute face before. I'm also sure you have seen the huge mole on his cheek. Not anymore. We got the mole removed.
It was not his favorite thing in the world, but he survived. He did a lot of crying and screaming during it, but if you ask him about it, he'll say he didn't feel a thing. His favorite part was having the doctor (his friend's mom) tape his eyes shut so he didn't have to watch anything.

I really should take a picture now. You can hardly even see where it was anymore. Yep, I better get a picture.

Toby turns 30!

Back up to March.... and Toby's 30th birthday!
 This is my friend Sande. She is an amazing lady and I love her to death. Well, she felt like she had done nice things for me and the kids and never for Toby and didn't want him to feel left out so... she brought us pizza and ice cream and popsicles for Toby's birthday. So sweet!
 Then Janiece and Connor came over and we went over to Trafalga to play some mini golf.
 I'm pretty sure this picture was after Zeke got a hole in one. He was pretty excited.
 Toby's birthday was on a Wednesday so the place was pretty empty. We got to do everything we wanted to, and as many times as we wanted. Porter loved the frog hopper ride and wanted to show us how brave he was when he put his hands in the air.
 Then we all took a turn rock climbing. Zeke had to warm up a little bit before he would really climb very far. Both Janiece and Connor took turns climbing by him to try to get him to go higher.
 Toby and I even took our turn. I am proud to say that I made it all the way to te, he top without stopping. Whew, it certainly wore this pregnant lady out.
 Zeke finally got brave enough to climb almost all the way to the top. It amazing me how long he can keep climbing without getting tired.
Then we all came back for some cake and presents. What a fun birthday!

Grandma Roxie Youngberg

My grandma passed away yesterday. She was going to have her 95th birthday this week. 
This picture was taken a couple weeks ago at an early birthday party in Utah. My dad was coming to help Trent work on his new house and my mom and Grandma decided to come with him. With Grandma in Utah, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw her a party for all the people that would have a hard time making it to Idaho. So many people showed up. She got to see her brother, tons of cousins, grandkids and great grandkids. Then just last week she was able to visit Weiser, where she is from, and see many people that she hadn't seen in a while. This last weekend she was visiting Idaho Falls with my uncle to go to a great granddaughters baptism and a baby blessing for my cousin's new twins. She woke up Saturday morning not feeling very well, and then later that day she suffered from a mini stroke. My uncle took her to the hospital where they had a few rough hours and then sometime in the night she fell asleep and stayed calm.  My sister was able to make it to the hospital Sunday morning where she was sleeping peacefully and eventually her breathing slowed and stopped.  
I am so grateful for her and her example. I will miss her, but I have a hard time feeling sad for her. She got to see so many friends and family before she died and was able to go quickly without a long drawn out process (which she was afraid of). I had just sent out invitations for her birthday party in Idaho this coming Saturday, but now we will be having her funeral. To me, it seems like we will be celebrating her either way. I am so glad that I have a knowledge of life after death and I know she is happily with my Grandpa right now. Grandma, you have taught me so much and I love you. You will be missed.