Monday, November 4, 2013

Pioneer Day

Just some pictures of us doing fireworks for the 24th of July.

Aren't these cool pictures? Toby was playing with the camera and got these shots of Main Street.

4th of July week

For the week of the 4th of July, we made our way to Idaho and then eventually on to the Oregon Coast. My parents got a house in Rockaway right on the beach and we had the best time. Before we went to the beach, we spent a packed day at my parent's house. Zeke was anxious to go fishing, as always and was excited when Poppi obliged.

Later on we took the jet skis out to the lake for some fun. The next day it was off to the beach.

We enjoyed our time playing in the water, flying kites, shopping, and watching the fireworks. My boys spent hours digging holes and finding shells. I was happy to see that they seemed to love the beach as much as I do.

Catch up time... again!

Back in June...  Kendra got married!!! We are so excited to have Christof as part of our family. I don't have any pictures from the wedding even though there are tons of really great ones, but I do have a couple from outside of the temple when Kendra went through for the first time.

This was such a special day. It was the first time my entire family was in the temple together for the first time. My parents and all my brothers and sisters were there together. Seriously, so cool. Kendra got to go through the temple with one of her best friends that is getting ready for a mission.
Then we enjoyed a super fun visit from Kristel and her family. We took them to the pond that we discovered behind the high school. Porter loved feeding the ducks. My kids were ready to dive right in, but it took a little while for their cousins to warm up to the idea.

As always, their visit was way too short. After swimming, Alyssa, Isaac and Zeke decided to set up a "sale" in our front yard. They made a sign and set up shop selling juice, silly bands and tootsie rolls. They were pretty excited to have a few people stop by and each earn a dollar.