Saturday, June 20, 2009

Timpanogas Caves

Toby's cousin Brooke and her family invited us a couple weeks ago to hike to the Timpanogas caves with them. First of all I have to say that Zeke idolizes his second cousin, Michael. He copies everything he does, or at least tries to. Being a year older, Michael can do a little more than Zeke, but that doesn't stop Zeke from trying. The boys started out great and hiking strong.
We took a lot of breaks for water, snacks, picking up rocks and sticks, admiring bugs and climbing any rock structure possible.

Robin and Janene also joined us on our hike and were a great help with all the kids.
Zeke spent a lot of time on his dad's shoulders. We were getting a little impatient with his hiking speed and were afraid we would miss out tour time. I am impressed with how much hiking he did on his own though.

Family picture.... notice the pregnant belly. Don't you just love that wonderful stage in pregnancy where you just look chubby and not really pregnant?

Inside the caves. I carried Zeke almost all the way through the caves for a couple reasons. 1-so we could keep up with the tour group 2- so he wouldn't touch anything he wasn't supposed to 3- he was getting really tired and grumpy, having missed his nap

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay, so I'm really behind in my blogging. Better late than never though, right? For Memorial Day weekend we went to visit family in Idaho. We had a lot of fun playing outside in the nice weather. Zeke spent time helping his uncles wash their cars/motorcycles. We also went to the lake and had canoe races and just played in the water. I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures at the lake, but it was a blast.

Zeke had a funny obsession while playing with the toys. He would take anything that would fit and stuffed it down his shirt. Mix that with pulling his pants up as far as they would go and it made for some funny pictures.

Popi, what did you do to my boy?

I guess it's obvious that I like pictures of Zeke the best. Here are a couple of him playing games in the backyard with the family.