Friday, November 26, 2010

I stand corrected...

I just found out I've been saying it wrong all these years.

It's not hide and seek...

It's called Hide and Zeke.

Who knew?!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Zeke begged me for 2 weeks up to Halloween to take him Trick or Treating. I told him that I would definitely take him on Halloween night. So when the fateful day finally arrived, pouring down rain, I had no choice. I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I caved and bought an umbrella before we left, but it came in handy. (Real Oregonians don't own umbrellas)
Here are my cute boys... I mean my cute dragon and Tigger.

Here we are excited to brave it out in the rain.

When Zeke could no longer move because he was too wet and cold, we called it a night. The didn't stop Zeke from begging to go to "one more house".
This is the face Porter gave every time someone pulled out a camera.

Did I mention that Zeke and Porter had 6 adults taking them Trick or Treating? That must be love. When we got home, and warmed up, we checked out the goods. I had a great time going through his bucket after he was in bed.

Hee Haw Farm

During the day on Halloween, we took the boys to Hee Haw Farm. I was sure it was going to be packed, but with the weather not being wonderful it was fairly empty. The pictures are in opposite order of what we did because we ended up in the corn box last due to rain but you get the idea.
Toby is so good at playing with the boys. They have so much fun together.

The corn maze is when the weather turned bad, but that didn't stop us. We probably went down every possible trail in there. Zeke and Toby had fun throwing corn at pretend monsters coming out to get us.

Porter's favorite part was chasing the animals around.

Zeke LOVED going down the slide. As soon as we got to the bottom he took off up the hill to go again.

The boys hopped on the animal train for a quick ride. They said I really missed out on that one.

We also went on the trick or treating hay ride. Different characters were around the route ready to throw candy to anyone who said trick or treat.

I'm not sure what Zeke is doing in this picture, but he was excited to be there.

Gardner Village

We finally made it to Gardner Village this year for Halloween. I can't believe we have never gone before. The boys loved it. Zeke loved finding all the witches hiding around the place.
Zeke begged me to take a picture of this funny witch that crashed into the building.

Watch out Zeke, that witch is going to land on you!!!

I know this picture is almost the same, but I thought he looked so cute in it.

I'm not too sure what Porter thought of this.

We even splurged on getting Zeke's face painted and some cotton candy. I can't wait to go again next year!

Preschool Halloween Party

Zeke absolutely LOVES preschool. He begs to go everyday, but has to settle for just 3 days a week. This is at his Halloween party. He dressed up as an astronaut. They prepared a bunch of songs to sing for all of the parents. It's a good thing I help out during preschool and get to hear him singing then, because I'm pretty sure he didn't do anything the entire program :)
Here he is with his teacher Miss Sheryl whom he absolutely adores.

This is his best friend at preschool, Brigham... I mean Batman.

Both classes were there together for the party.

Getting ready to preform.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets we're on our way...

I help at Zeke's preschool. Preschoolers are SO funny! Take yesterday for example. The kids were cleaning up all the toys when one boy belts out:

"What's going to work?"

Of course the entire classroom chimed in and yelled:


Then all the kids repeated it again. I guess we know which show is popular among the 3-5 age group.

The only thing missing was someone adding my favorite line of all...

"This.... is.... SERIOUS!"

(Yeah, I've watched this WAY too many times.)