Monday, December 20, 2010

A little about us

Someone mentioned to me that my blog was all about my kids and had nothing about Toby and I. Well, that's the only thing that seems interesting to me.... but I've been trying to think about what I could write about Toby and me.

Toby just got a new calling in church. He is now an Advisor for the teacher's quorum. He is still running his website and this summer started another business with his brother and mom selling sempervivums. He is just marked his 4th year at work and is a professional Bang the bullet player.

I also got a new calling in church. I am now the 2nd counselor in the Primary. It keeps me on my toes and by the time I get out of church I'm ready for a nap. I still play basketball with friends twice a week and love it. They even let me fill in on their city league team when they need more players. I work at Zeke's preschool and spend the rest of my time doing projects and hanging out with friends (who share kids that are Zeke's friends of course).

That's all I've got. I hope that satisfies you. Now back to the kids...

Sugar Cookie Houses

Janiece and Connor came up with the idea of doing Sugar Cookie Houses instead of our usual graham cracker houses. We figured they would taste better this way. The party grew to include Connor's brother, Ryan and his girlfriend, Meredith so of course we had to call Trent and Catelin and have them come too.

Yep, that is Zeke chugging sprinkles.

Porter was in charge of eating cookies and supervising. He loved his job!

I will have to get some pictures of the stockings that we made with Janiece and Connor. They are looking pretty good if you ask me! I even stayed up till midnight to work on mine... yep that is late for me. I am so lame!

Singing at the Mall

Zeke's preschool did a singing program at the mall. I LOVE seeing them perform the songs that they work on, however, I'm pretty sure I get the better end of the deal. Because I help out in preschool I get to hear them practice all their songs. They do well in their performances, but nothing compares to how they get into it in class.

After they sang, they took a ride on the Christmas train and then went to visit Santa!

After all the kids got a chance to visit Santa, He had them all close their eyes and wish for a Christmas miracle. When they opened them, it was snowing! Yep, right there in the mall. The kids thought it was amazing!

It's Christmas time

When December hit the festivities began. We filled the first Saturday with as many things as possible. First we went to our ward Christmas breakfast. Then we headed over to Gardner Village to see the elves and check out the Christmas shops.

After Gardner Village we went up to Robin and Janene's house to make peanut brittle. Janene, being the master chef that she is, taught me how to smell the mix to know exactly the right time to take it off the stove. We loved being there and it really felt like Christmastime in their home. We left their house and headed for Temple Square. It was BEAUTIFUL! We stayed warm by fighting through the crowds that were there.

We left Temple Square and ran in the mall for a little while. I think you can say that we had a full day. The boys were beat by the time we got home, but they had a fun day.

Funny Zeke

Me: "Zeke, you're driving me crazy!"

hours pass

Zeke: "Mom, you're driving me crickets!"

As we were pulling out all of our Christmas stuff, we found Zeke's stocking.
Toby: "Zeke, do you know what Santa will put in here?"

Zeke: ".... his foot!"

Eating dinner
Zeke: "Look at my spilled soup... it's a smiley face!"

Playing in the snow
Zeke throws a couple snowballs at the house.
Zeke: "Mom come see, it's a smiley face." He then throws another one... "and there's the mouth!"

Zeke brought home a letter to Santa from preschool. He filled in 3 things that he wanted for Christmas....
1. Firefly
2. Bear
3. Cucumber

I feel like I could write down everything that boy says. He is so funny!