Friday, January 25, 2013

Halloween at Preschool

In case you didn't know, I decided to do my own preschool this year with one other person. We take turn teaching the kids and it has been going really well. For Halloween we did a really fun project and played games to win some awesome prizes. You know that moment when you feel like you finally did something right as a mom... yeah, this was one of them.


I'm pretty sure Halloween is almost as exciting as Christmas at my house. This year Zeke wanted to be Batman and Porter wanted to be a turtle.

 Of course it wouldn't be Halloween without a few extra adults taking the kids trick or treating with us.

 Zeke with some of his friends. We always trick or treat on the street that has everyone from our ward. It is so fun to see everyone.
 Christof came dressed up as Barney and when some of the boys saw him they had to come and give him a hug of course.
 Barney and his beautiful Zebra.
We have the best neighborhood to trick or treat in. The boys get spoiled, but so do we. Different houses have traditions of serving different food. One house does Chili, one does hotdogs, one does nachos and one does homemade doughnuts. No need to eat dinner before you head out. It's the best!

6th annual pumpkin party

Ok, I know I put waaaay too many pictures on here for this, but it was just too hard to pick which ones to use. Our pumpkin party was a blast and I just want to be able to remember all the fun. Toby came up with a fun shuffleboard/curling/bowling type pumpkin game. Once again we had awesome weather.

 In case you are wondering, you roll your pumpkin and 2 people are your team stand on either side with a stick. They are trying to direct and or slow down your pumpkin to land in the right place. They are just not allowed to push it forward.

 Porter and Sammy had a blast playing in the leaves together. (We were watching Sammy for the weekend)

 Things got pretty competitive when everyone started writing names on their pumpkins and planning different strategies.

 Zeke adding a little decoration to our pumpkin party.


 Zeke asked me to help him carve his witch. I may have accidentally carved too well and knocked a piece out, but Zeke didn't seem to notice so I didn't tell him. Haha... I am so bad!
The whole crew. Thanks for a blast everyone. I don't know how we are going to be able to throw another party because every year they get harder and harder to beat.

A little Fall Fun

We went to Hee Haw Farm this year for a little Fall fun. It turned into a beautiful day and we were hot without our sweatshirts and even just wearing long sleeves.
 The boys always love the corn maze the best. They like to pretend there are bad guys (usually Toby) and they get into corn throwing wars with them.

 We discovered the pumpkin patch at the back of the maze and had to see how big of a pumpkin we could all pick up.
 Porter wanted to measure how tall he was compared to the sunflowers.
Porter and Zeke had fun playing with the different games. Zeke got kind of serious with this one.

 Porter wasn't sure he loved the slide until he went down a few times and could sit on our lap.


We enjoyed our time, but we have to admit that Cornbelly's is a lot better. I think it's worth the extra money to go to that one and we probably won't come back to Hee Haw's again.

Another birthday party... from October

You know how I mentioned we love having people bring their birthday parties to us? Well, Sylvie was so kind as to bring her cake over for her birthday.

 Isn't this just the cutest group of kids ever? I don't think I love 7 kids more.

 The beautiful birthday girl.

 Best friends for life!

I hope Trisha doesn't kill me for posting this one... but hey, if you strike the pose....