Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Zeke lost a tooth!

Zeke told me that his tooth had been hurting and I ignored him. (he complains about all kinds of ailments) Finally he convinced me to look at his tooth and I wiggled it and told him that it was loose. He would not stop touching his tooth, talking about his tooth, and pretty much being completely obsessed with his tooth for the next 3 days. Everyone that came into contact with him heard all about his tooth. He even called people to tell them about his loose tooth. I think you get the idea.

I was relieved that he was able to wiggle it out in a matter of days and process didn't drag on too much longer. He couldn't wait to put his tooth under his pillow and get a "special coin" from the tooth fairy.

Limb cousin reunion

I have a lot of cousins. It gets a little crazy sometimes, so we don't always see each other very often. Thus began the Limb cousin get togethers for all the cousins that live here in Utah together. We've had it the past few years and this year a few relatives from out of town made it for the weekend too.
 As you can see, swimming in the pool was the highlight of the get together. Trent was especially popular with all the kids.

 The kids would beg for anyone, especially Trent and Jenica, to put them on their backs and race across the pool. My mom tried to keep up, but even with 3 kids on his back,Trent pulled ahead.

 I tried to get some of them to smile for a picture for me, but wasn't very successful. What can you do?

T ball

Zeke played T ball this spring and loved every second of it. Toby and I are still trying to be good sports about baseball (it is so boring!) but as of right now, it is Zeke's favorite.
 Zeke had an awesome coach that encouraged them to move beyond the basic t ball phase. He would give each kid a few pitches and then if they couldn't hit the ball, he would pull the Tee out for them to use. Zeke never had to use the tee because he always hit one of the pitches and was the first to point that out to everyone.
 The last game of the season, my mom and sisters were in town so everyone came to see Zeke play.
 His favorite position was first base, but sometimes he had to settle for just being in the field. It was hilarious to watch them dog pile on top of each other whenever the ball came so that they could be the one to throw to first base.

He had great time playing and after watching Zeke play, Porter is excited to get his turn soon.

Preschool grad... again.

Zeke and I did our own preschool at home this year.... until about February. Then it fell apart. Haha. For some reason we had just had enough of each other by then and we needed more of a break. So, a lady I know mentioned that she had room for Zeke and his friend to finish out the year. It was such a good thing for us!

 Zeke was given the symphony award because when he started going to school, he was always singing or whistling. The funny thing about that is that at home he hates music. He yells and covers his ears when I put music on and he hates it when I sing to him. Silly boy!

I can't believe I have a boy old enough to start kindergarten this fall. He is so ready to go and can't wait, but it's still crazy to think that my baby is going to school for real soon.