Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Limb cousin reunion

I have a lot of cousins. It gets a little crazy sometimes, so we don't always see each other very often. Thus began the Limb cousin get togethers for all the cousins that live here in Utah together. We've had it the past few years and this year a few relatives from out of town made it for the weekend too.
 As you can see, swimming in the pool was the highlight of the get together. Trent was especially popular with all the kids.

 The kids would beg for anyone, especially Trent and Jenica, to put them on their backs and race across the pool. My mom tried to keep up, but even with 3 kids on his back,Trent pulled ahead.

 I tried to get some of them to smile for a picture for me, but wasn't very successful. What can you do?

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