Tuesday, July 16, 2013

T ball

Zeke played T ball this spring and loved every second of it. Toby and I are still trying to be good sports about baseball (it is so boring!) but as of right now, it is Zeke's favorite.
 Zeke had an awesome coach that encouraged them to move beyond the basic t ball phase. He would give each kid a few pitches and then if they couldn't hit the ball, he would pull the Tee out for them to use. Zeke never had to use the tee because he always hit one of the pitches and was the first to point that out to everyone.
 The last game of the season, my mom and sisters were in town so everyone came to see Zeke play.
 His favorite position was first base, but sometimes he had to settle for just being in the field. It was hilarious to watch them dog pile on top of each other whenever the ball came so that they could be the one to throw to first base.

He had great time playing and after watching Zeke play, Porter is excited to get his turn soon.

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