Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cornbelly's Corn Maze

We made it to Thanksgiving Point this year for Halloween. We had a blast doing all the fun activities that they have there. We made it through the corn maze without getting too lost. Zeke and Porter loved to run around and throw corn and pretend aliens (that was the theme of the corn maze).

We also tried the fun riding the four wheel bikes and went back to do it multiple times.

It was a great family activity and we had so much fun together. The boys loved it and have been begging to go back.

Halloween Decorations

Somehow I didn't get a picture of all our Halloween decorations that we made this year. We really went to town. I think I am most proud of our pumpkin flower arrangement. It turned out better than I hoped.

We spray painted the pumpkins and found these really cool candlesticks for them to go on. The leaves are also homemade. They are not in the picture, but we did have some fun orange sparkly bugs crawling all over the pumpkins.

We also had a cool spiderweb tablecloth, a cage full of glitter bones and some lit up monster jars.

Gardner Village

The family came with me to one of my basketball games so that we could go to Gardner Village afterwards. It was pretty packed so we didn't stay very long, but the boys had fun walking around and seeing all the witches. It was the perfect weather.

Afterwards we hit a few stores to collect all the items we needed for our Halloween decorations we were making.

Jenica goes to the Temple

The weekend after General Conference my parents came down to go to the temple with Jenica. Tyleen also made the trip back over to attend. We really missed having Devin and Cortney here with us in the temple. It was a really special experience and I loved being in the temple with so many of my family members. I can't wait for the day that we can all be there together. After the temple we certainly made the most of our weekend. We went out to lunch and then ran over to the second half of the BYU women's soccer game. Then we went over to Janiece and Connor's place to play a little 500 (I am horrible and can't catch a football for anything) and then a competitive game of kickball. I am happy to say that my team made a miraculous come back and won! Then the boys all went to the BYU football game and the girls went shopping for a bit and then back to my house to do some hair and ear candles. I didn't get very many pictures of our activities so this is all you get.

This is Toby hiding from the fact that he is hanging out with the girls instead of going to the football game.

Zeke turns 4!

We pretty much had the same crowd for Zeke's birthday as we did for Porter's. That means that we had Trent, Janiece, Connor, Kendra and the Snow Family. Luckily for us, Tyleen and Jenica were also in town for the occasion to add to the fun.

Toby picked out some really fun books for Zeke and Grandma sent Zeke a fun book reader.

Zeke has never been very good at playing with toys so we decided to get him a bunch of costumes instead. He was pretty excited with the selection. (Not pictured... a pair of handcuff, aka key lockers, that Zeke carried around for the next week)

Zeke has been begging me for some chocolate money that he saw on a movie once so we decided to make him a treasure chest cake with plenty of chocolate money to go with it.

Since Zeke's birthday also fall right around General conference I wanted to just put in here that in between sessions we had a killer game of four square going with Trent, Janiece, Connor, Tyleen, Nate, Jenica and Toby and I. It was intense, but I'm pretty sure Connor won.

Just for fun....

Porter turns 2!

For Porter's birthday we had a BBQ with friends and family over. Zeke got Porter a Buzz Lightyear action figure. His friends also got him a Buzz shake spaceship. Obviously they were a hit since this boy is obsessed with Buzz. We also got him a train track set and a few trains.

Zeke was mad that he couldn't play with Porter's toys so he went off to pout by himself.

It has been so fun having lots of family close by. Porter is lucky to have so many people love him.

Just a few things about Porter:
He loves Buzz Lightyear... obviously.
He is a tease and especially loves teasing Zeke.
He doesn't need as much sleep as Zeke so will wake up around 6am ready for the day. The good news is, he is usually in a really good mood.
He loves reading books and takes a few to bed with him at nap time and bedtime.
He LOVES his blanket. The corners are starting to wear out because he loves playing with the corners and will grab them every time he touches his blanket.
He likes eating salad and will usually eat it first off of his plate and beg for more before eating anything else.
Now the stats from the pediatrician:
Length: 34 3/4 in
Weight: 25.6 lbs
Head Circ: 49.1cm

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Car

Since Toby and I LOVE selling our cars so much, we decided it was time to get rid of this old thing. It become more expensive than it was worth (I know we do this a lot) so we got rid of it. We bought my parents old van that my sister used to drive to school. Just thought I would keep a record of all the cars we've owned since we're going through them like crazy.

The boys love every excuse to go visit Nana and Popi. They loved working out in the garden with them and just spending as much time as possible outside.

Porter looking good!

I know I've mentioned Porter's latest fashion statement, but I think it is so cute I had to add a couple more pictures. I love this boy's personality!

Janiece's birthday

Janiece had to work on her birthday and she had every intention of coming home and watching a football game with Connor and that's it. She was going to celebrate her birthday later with Connor's family coming into town, but I felt like she needed something on her birthday. So... I convinced Toby to help me throw a surprise party for her.

Zeke had fun hiding before Janiece got home and was also very excited about our homemade pinata that he helped me put together.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jakob and Sam's birthday sometime in August

You know how some people are meant to be in your life? Well, Trisha and her family were meant to be in mine. The first time I met Trisha I told her that we were going to be friends. She told me that she was the type that just had people drop in on her doorstep, so that's what I did. The first time her son, Jakob saw Zeke he yelled, "look mom, it's my best friend!" They have been best friends from that day on. The same thing with her youngest, Sam and Porter. Seeing those 4 boys together just makes my heart happy.

I don't know what I did to be lucky enough to know this family, but I am so glad I got to be in their life. I will miss them when they move on. It's hard to imagine life without them.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daniel and Bethany Visit

Daniel and Bethany came to visit us for a few days in August. We played hard while they were here despite the fact that Bethany was 6 months pregnant. She kept up and only took a couple naps. I was in charge of a ward BBQ and the Primary float for the parade so I had to skip the trip down to southern Utah in order to ride my bike in the parade with 30 kids. (Fun I know) They had fun hiking in the canyons and Bethany discovered a little fear of dirty water.

A few other things that Daniel and Bethany managed to do in the few days they were here are:
Shooting, 7 peaks, Salt Lake Temple, Ikea, visiting family and playing games with us. I can't remember if there was more, but it wouldn't surprise me if there was.