Monday, July 19, 2010

Worn Out

Zeke is thrilled that summer is finally here and we get to spend lots of time outside. He especially loves playing with his friend Blake, anything to do with water, and going to the park. I have to admit that Zeke isn't the only one that loves getting outside. We fill our days with as much action as we can.

Yesterday, Zeke was up really early and by the time we got out of church he had had it. He was exhausted! I think the week finally caught up with him. Against all my sleeping rules, we put him down for a nap at 5pm. I tried waking him up at 6:30 for dinner but he just rolled over and went back to sleep. At 8pm we went in and put his pajamas on him and at 10pm moved him into his own bed (he was in ours). He slept from 5pm till 6:45 this morning!

My Red Head

Having so many people be surprised by the fact that I have a red head made me realize that I must not have enough pictures of Porter on here. He loves to be around people, but is a major mama's boy. He absolutely refuses to crawl. Instead he scoots around on his bum. It takes him forever to get somewhere, but at least he gets to where he is trying to go. His favorite thing to do is grab the fingers of anyone that is willing and chase Zeke around. I love this skinny little red head and I feel so lucky to be his mom.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I learned my lesson

You'd think I had learned my lesson. Never leave home without getting dressed!

This morning Trent asked me to take him to work because he needed to drop his car off at the shop. As I pulled up to his building, my car broke. I won't bore you with the details, but I had to get a tow truck and go to the repair shop all in my lovely bright purple shorts and a t-shirt with a dragon/chicken on it. Luckily, I put on my bra and shoes this time.

I'm sure we were a sight to see. Both kids were still in pajamas and Zeke didn't have shoes. I carried both boys (which is quite a feat) to the car shop because there was glass on the ground.

I've officially learned my lesson. I will always get dressed and mostly ready for the day before I leave my house!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


You know the sound you make when you gurgle in the back of your throat?

It would probably get annoying if you heard it all the time right?

I'm really really annoyed.

Zeke Conversation

Me: Zeke, don't push your friend down the slide, it's not nice.
Zeke: Why?
Me: He could get hurt.
Zeke: It breaks his heart?
Me: Yep, it does.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Introducing Janiece and Connor

Janiece and Connor have known each other since they were 5. Last week we were able to go to Oregon for their wedding.

Coming out of the Temple as husband and wife.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Toby and the boys trying to stay entertained during the pictures.

The flowers on the cake are edible. Crazy huh? Melinda did such an amazing job on the cake... and it tasted so good too.

I heard Janiece tell my mom that it was just what she wanted and everything was perfect.