Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Party

We had our annual pumpkin party last week. Check out all these cute kids eating our yummy pumpkin waffles.

After eating, we went outside for a fun pumpkin game.

The big kids played a pumpkin rolling game.

The little kids played their own version of pumpkin bowling.

Then on to carving pumpkins.


I love these boys!

Quiet Time

I love quiet time at my house. It's my sanity time. I had given up on it for a while because Zeke refused to take a nap. I decided to reinstate it and it has paid off! Even though Zeke doesn't take a nap, this is what he does. He will "read" his books for an hour. Did you know a 3 year old could have such a long attention span? AMAZING!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stop growing

My boys are the perfect ages right now. I am having so much fun with them. I know every stage is fun and the next one will be just as good as this one, but I wish I could stop time. I don't want Zeke to get any older and I like how Porter is gaining some independence but still wants to snuggle up with me. Here are a few things I don't want to forget about my boys right now:

The way he says crocodile.
His love of milk.
How easily he goes to bed.
His cheesy smile he gives when I pull out the camera.
How he loves to play hide and go seek but can't find anyone... ever.
How firmly he tells you his is not a boy... he is Zeke.
The way he tries to race me getting his buckles on in the car.

The way he puts his forehead up against mine when he wants to give love.
How he makes kissing sounds when you tell him to give you a kiss.
The fact that he doesn't crawl, but scoots around.
How snugly he his.
The way he loves anything soft and will grab it and love it.
How he points me to where he wants to go and begs for things by grunting.
The fact that he out eats Zeke and is still soooo skinny.

I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest mom in the world.

Conference weekend visit

Porter is starting to figure out this walking thing.

What happens to Limbs when they sit down, hold still, and are quiet?

Porter plays with toys so well. It amazes me how much fun he has playing.

Nana and Popi picked up this fun new toy at the fair. It was a hit with all the boys young and old alike.

We got to listen to General Conference over the weekend. I love it! I anxiously wait every six months for conference to come and it never disappoints. We are so lucky to have a prophet on the earth.

3 Years old and loving it

The Birthday Boy! He was so excited for his birthday this year. He got this cute crown at preschool and wore it almost the whole way in the car to Nana and Popi's house.

He got a new helmet to wear with the big boy bike that Grandma bought for him.

Zeke loves his fishing pole that he got from Nana and Popi.

Porter checking out all of Zeke's presents.

That's a batman cake in case you couldn't tell.

Friday, October 8, 2010

My 1 year old

Porter's Birthday was a blast. We had lots of family over to eat cake, play games and enjoy a yummy BBQ.