Sunday, September 27, 2009


Porter Scott Lander
On Friday September 18th my little boy was born. I was on call to be induced that day and had to wait until they called to tell me to come in. Let me say... that was torture! Finally the call came and I headed over to hospital at 2pm. They hooked me up to my IV and all that fun stuff and started the pitocin a little before 3pm. I survived the contractions for quite a while but finally gave in and asked for an epidural. What a relief! How did people ever survive having babies naturally? Anyway, I got the epidural around 5:30pm or so. The nurse came in to check me at 6:15pm and said it was time to get ready. She got the room all ready, the doctor came in and turned the baby (he was facing the wrong way), and then they told me to push. I pushed a couple times during one contraction and he was here just before 6:30pm. My mom and I were, of course, in awe at the whole thing and then Toby at my side says "ugh". Ha ha, typical Toby response. Porter was 7lbs even and 19 inches long. What a difference from Zeke... do you have any idea how big Zeke is now? Now for a bunch of pictures.
Right after the baby was born.
We told Zeke to smile and this is what we got.

Toby thought it would be funny to put the baby's clothes on Zeke.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They're at it Again!

Daniel is back in town to start another year of school and we all know what that means.... Toby and Daniel going on adventures. This hike was up Maple Canyon, so not too far away and nothing that was potentially going to get them hurt.

It sounds like they had a good time. I opted out of the hike and went shopping and then over to my friend's house to watch the BYU football game. Just imagine... two girls, steak and football. I couldn't ask for a better friend and a better time. Not to mention the fact that BYU WON!!! It was a great game and sooo much fun to watch.

Labor Day at the Zoo

To get out of the house on Labor Day we headed over to the Zoo. Here are a few pictures of the
fun we had.

Zeke loved the snakes and monkeys the best. Especially the big rattlesnake that kept slithering across the cage. Toby and I were worn out way before Zeke was. The hot weather and walking did me in pretty quick, but I think I managed pretty well.

Projects around the house

Toby and I wanted to find a set of bunk beds to put in Zeke's room. After buying 2 sets, we decided on one then sold the other for profit to pay for the other. Aren't we clever? Toby was not satisfied with what we ended up with so he drew up some plans and got to work. After tearing apart the beautiful end pieces you see here, he cut them up and put it all back together.

This is what we ended up with. Isn't Toby just amazing?!! I was so proud of him and how well they turned out.

The finished project all set up with the new bedspreads. They are reversible so I am trying them both out to see which one I like better.

This is my latest project. I saw this cute family thing hanging at my friend, Jessica's house and just had to copy her. She let me come over and put one together with her help. I added the shadow boxes but I'm not completely sure what's going to stay in them.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Just a glimpse of my large self at about 9 months pregnant. Only 8 days till my due date!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's Official...

I do NOT want to be pregnant anymore. I'm fat, uncomfortable, tired, grumpy, hot and annoyed. Yep, I'm annoyed all the time. Just ask Toby... poor guy. That's all.