Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Porter 6 months

Can you believe that this little guy is 6 months old?!!! I know... time flies. He is getting so big.

One day he decided that he wanted to be a sitter. We didn't practice much, he just started sitting. He still crashes often, but mostly because he is reaching for something.

He did the same thing with eating. He never seemed interested in food and then one day he wanted to eat and made it known. I pulled out the rice cereal and he absolutely LOVES it.

Just a few things about Porter that I want to remember:

He loves to have his legs wrapped up tight to sleep. Sometimes when he wakes up in the night, if I go and hold his legs down (that kid is perpetual motion) he will go back to sleep.

He's a major cuddle bug. Zeke never wanted to cuddle, so it's fun having a little guy cuddle up in my arm.

Ever since he was tiny, all you have to say is "I'm going to bed" and he will wake up and cry. (little twerp) If you try to be sneaky and not announce that you're going to bed, he will wait till you get all ready, turn off the light and crawl into bed before crying.

He NEVER stops moving.

He absolutely melts my heart when he smiles at me

Sledding and Birthday

Before the snow ran out, we decided to take the family sledding. We had a great time and it felt so good to get outside and enjoy the scenery.

For an early birthday present to himself, Toby bought the game Crossbows and Catapults. He used to play it with his siblings when he was younger and he has decided it is still just as fun as he remembers. Zeke LOVES it, of course.

We also celebrated Toby's 27th birthday. Unfortunately the batteries for the camera ran out after a few pictures at the bowling alley so this is all you get. Probably a good thing actually. I made an ice cream cake for him and it didn't look very pretty.

Monday, March 8, 2010

State Champions!

In case you didn't know, my family is pretty good at basketball. A few weekends ago I had the privilege of going to watch my little sister, Kendra play in the state basketball tournament and guess what?! THEY WON!!!! That's right... we now have 3 state champions in our family. How many families can say that? Tyleen made us these sweet shirts to wear to the games.

Craft projects

Just a few projects that I've been working on lately. First off... my sister Tyleen and her friend Cassie came to visit. We made these really cute wall hangings. I'm not sure what else to call them.

Toby and I also made this fort (or fork as Zeke calls it) to hang from Zeke's bunk bed. We put Velcro on the front so that he could stick different shapes and things to the front to decorate. He LOVES his fort. We haven't been able to take it down since the first time we hung it up. He even sleeps in it.

I also decided to cover my pillows to add a little color to my room. I'm not in love with the outcome, but it was fun and it's nice to change things up a bit.